The Process

The onslaught of decisions and selections inherent in the process of building a new home is challenging.  I look forward to sharing with you my unique vision, knowledge and experience by offering advice and realistic tips on the fundamental elements of home building.   I will alleviate your stress and help you create a home that you will love for years to come.

Services include:

  • Designing your home around your lifestyle and personality
  • Choosing the right lot considering sunlight, soils and exposures
  • Understanding the construction process
  • Reviewing the construction timeline and when decisions are due
  • Learn how early decisions impact the final look/cost of your home
  • Selecting the elevation of your home ie.European,Traditional
  • How to make the right choice in floor plans
  • Exterior products and how they impact the cost of your home i.e. stone, brick, wood
  • What color should the roof be?
  • What brand/color should the windows be?
  • Selection of front steps
  • What should the front door be made of?
  • Providing information regarding driveway i.e. paver, pea stone, asphalt
  • Understanding allowances and how to stay on budget
  • Selecting cabinets – custom vs. boxed
  • Vanities, flooring, countertops, plumbing
  • Selection of light fixtures and hardware
  • Choosing paint colors – interior and exterior
  • Choosing interior decor
  • Designing beautiful outdoor settings: paver patios, pergola, verandas
  • Providing information on in-ground pools & hot tubs -  gunite vs. built- in
  • Forward thinking  (in-law apartment, movie theatre, gym)

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